Three Keys: Georgia vs. Florida

JACKSONVILLE - Josh Kendall takes a look at the three keys to Georgia's game with Florida.

1. Last week's average of 1.7 yards per carry is not going to cut it this week. The Bulldogs have to establish a running game to move the ball and to take pressure of Joe Tereshinski in the passing game.

2. Georgia's receivers have been up and down all season. They need an up game today in two areas. First, they have to get off the Gators' man coverage and give Tereshinski a good target. Second, they have to catch every ball they should and a couple they shouldn't.

3. The defense will have to be disciplined against Florida's spread offense. The Gators have struggled this year offensively but have had two weeks to prepare for this game. Georgia can't expect its offense to put up too many points behind a backup quarterback.

One to watch

Joe Tereshinski III. o The quarterback has the chance of a lifetime. With that comes the most pressure in his lifetime, too. The last time he started a football game, he was at Athens Academy. A coach's son, Tereshinski will be prepared going into the game, but that's only half the battle. He will have to make some plays in the passing game, which means standing in against pressure and being more confident in his decisions than he was last week against Arkansas, when he stopped himself from throwing several passes at the last minute. If Georgia doesn't move the ball in the passing game, Florida will eat up its running game, and there will be nowhere left to turn.


With a full roster, Georgia would be a healthy favorite to win this game, but the Bulldogs have far from a full roster. Quarterback D.J. Shockley only tops the injury list. It goes on for another page or so after that. Georgia has proven it plays as a team and has shown excellent resiliency all season long, but there's only so much one group can withstand. What the Bulldogs have left was enough to beat Arkansas, and it would probably be enough to beat more than half the teams in the league. But, Florida, even though it is struggling on offense, is still Florida. The Gators' defense is fierce, and the Bulldogs simply don't have the manpower to hold up.

Winner: Florida

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