Holy Silver Britches, Batman

ATHENS - So I am relaxing at home, watching an episode of "The Family Guy," and I love the fact that Adam West plays the part of the mayor of the Town of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Yes, the Adam West!

For all those under 25, Adam West is the true Batman. It's not Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney or Christian Bale. Anyway I checked out his bio and was astonished to find out he turned 77 this month.

Superheroes are in a word "Super". They come in all shapes and sizes. Anybody can be a superhero. So I decided to ask a few Georgia Bulldogs which teammate would best describe a few of more common superheroes….

The Superheroes…

Batman (someone who has a lot of gadgets and electronic toys)

Flash (the fastest player)

Spiderman (doesn't look too tough, but is)

The Hulk (the strongest player)

Superman (the whole package)

D.J. Shockley says…

Batman – Will Thompson (he has tons of electronic gadgets)

Flash – Ramarcus Brown (super fast)

Spiderman – Bryan McClendon (gets it done)

The Hulk - Big Max Jean-Gilles (no doubt)

Superman – Thomas Brown (he's got it all)

Russ Tanner says…

Batman – Max Jean-Gilles (no that Pollack's gone, its Big Max)

Flash – Thomas Brown (or Daniel Inman if he's running for a sandwich)

Spiderman – Joe T III (he doesn't look like it, but he's strong)

The Hulk – Gerald Anderson (he's big and strong)

Superman – D.J. Shockley (he's the man)

Gerald Anderson says…

Batman – Will Thompson (lots of gadgets)

Flash – Ramarcus Brown (lot faster than me)

Spiderman – Tra Battle (does it all)

The Hulk – Myself (I don't want to, but I have to say it)

Superman – Thomas Brown (he's that good)

Danny Ware says…

Batman – Kregg Lumpkin (gotta be Kregg)

Flash – Ramarcus Brown (he is super fast)

Spiderman – Not sure

The Hulk – Max Jean-Gilles (unbelievably big)

Superman – Kedric Golston (big, strong, fast… he's got it)

So look out Lex Luther, Riddler, Steve Spurrier and Phil Fulmer, the Georgia Bulldogs are after you and are in a word "Super."

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