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One of the top defensive prospects still on the board in the state of Florida this year is Chasman Davis of Centennial HS. He updates Scout.com on his favorites at this time.

"I still have the same top five pretty much along with Florida. Those are Georgia, Auburn, North Carolina State, Tennessee and West Virginia," Chasman Davis said.

What stands out about his top six?

Auburn: "I think I like the coaches there right now more than anything."

Georgia: "I like Coach Jancek a lot."

N.C. State: "I like the environment up there and the facilities and stuff."

Tennessee: "I don't know much at all about them but they're a good school and they graduate 4 linebackers."

West Virginia: "That was just a great visit. I liked everything. The environment, the people and the fans were great. The coaches are good too. I also liked their academic success with football players."

Florida: "They have Urban Meyer and a lot of new staff. It's also not too far from home."

With official visits to West Virginia and N.C. State already taken, Chasman is ready to set his final three trips.

"I'm going to Georgia's game against Auburn on the 12th. I'm going to Tennessee and Auburn also. I'll probably take an unofficial visit to Florida."

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