Common name - common problem

ATHENS - Dealing with common names is great - if you are a telemarketer.

But when you've got 105 players, common first names are a hassle. There are four players – Mike Gilliam, Mikey Henderson, Michael Turner and Michael Moore – whose names stems from the common first name Michael.

It can lead to some confusion.

Only Gilliam and Henderson play the same position, so perhaps their plight is more significant than the others. But Henderson's tricky "Y" helps the two of them get through the madness.

"Its crazy," said Henderson. "Especially because me and Mike G play the same position on punt, and we have been doing what we do on that. Everyone starts making jokes about Mike and Mike, and the Mikes. Another problem is that he and I sit right beside one another in the locker room because he's number 26 and I'm number 27."

"Sometimes my girlfriend even slips up and calls me Mikey," said Gilliam.

"We've all got nicknames," said Turner. "Mikey Henderson is ‘Mikey'; we call Michael Moore ‘Florida'; they call me ‘Big T'."

"There's ‘Mikey', ‘Mike G' and I'm ‘Mike Mo'," explained Moore. "Everyone had their own little thing to go with their name."

Michael is not the only common name or nickname shared on the team, however. Thomas Brown has been forced to struggle with it as well.

"I can be a little confusing," said Brown, who shared his first name with Thomas Davis last season. "We both had what sounds like the same nickname, too. Mine is T.B. and his is T.D. so even when people were not calling us Thomas, our nicknames sound the same."

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