VAUGHT:Frustrated with calls, UK must move on

Rich Brooks was not any happier with the officiating in Saturday's 49-27 loss to Auburn today than he was immediately after the game when it appeared there were several questionable calls that went against the Wildcats.

"I can't say anything about it. There were many, many, many questionable calls in his game," Brooks said.

More than the apparent Auburn fumble that was not ruled a fumble or the Auburn touchdown reception after the receiver went out of bounds and then shoved UK cornerback Antoine Huffman when he cam back on the field? "Yes," Brooks said.

Brooks says he does not "understand what we are doing with (instant) replay." Who does? He noted that a picture in Sunday's Lexington Herald-Leader clearly showed that UK receiver Glenn Holt came down inbounds with a touchdown catch Saturday with UK trailing 14-7. However, the official ruled he was out of bounds and no instant replay reversed the call. Kentucky settled for a field goal instead of tying the game at 14-14.

"My assumption is that you are supposed to review (that catch). The ruled him out. What are they doing with replay? It's not doing what it was intended to do in my opinion," Brooks said.

Brooks emphasized that the questionable calls were not why Kentucky lost. But he said the calls "contributed" to Auburn's victory.

He says Kentucky will submit plays it thinks were not called properly to the Southeastern Conference and will get a response later this week. However, even if the SEC admits calls were blown, that won't pacify Brooks.

"What would help is if they would get the calls right in the first place," the UK coach said. "They have instant replay. If they are not going to use to correct an obvious bad call, why have it?"

Remember a week ago when a Kentucky punt seemed to hit a Mississippi State player. Everyone in Commonwealth Stadium saw it except the officials and the instant replay official. When Brooks was told Sunday that the replay official said he could not review the Auburn fumble because one official on the field said he had blown the ball dead, he was flabbergasted. "There was not a whistle blown. I have ears on the sideline. It was not blown," Brooks said.

Brooks downplayed the minor altercation between him and defensive coordinator Mike Archer on the sideline after Archer got a 15-yard penalty protesting one non-call. Brooks said that dispute was not because of the frustration over a losing season, but because of what happened Saturday.

"The emotion was dictated by the calls that we were getting. It just boiled over," he said.

Brooks said whatever calls were made or not made, his Cats have to move forward as they prepare to play Vanderbilt, a double overtime loser at Florida Saturday, this week.

"They got a questionable call at the end, too," Brooks said of Vanderbilt. "They got some calls I didn't expect to tie the game up, but that celebration penalty was pretty weak.

"I'm not going to talk about the calls. It is over. We can't get the calls reversed. We can't get them corrected. We have to move. We have Vanderbilt, which I have thought all year was a very good team."

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