PA Star Excited About Georgia Visit

Pennsylvania is traditionally home to some of the top high school football players on the east coast and this year is no exception. One of those prospects at the top of the list for 2006 is Jared Odrick and the Georgia Bulldogs would love to see him spend the next 4-5 years of his life in Athens. They'll take their best shot at convincing him to become a Dawg when he visits Mark Richt's club officially this coming weekend.

"I'm looking forward to just seeing the game atmosphere and how the defensive line plays. I want to see how the coaches coach on the sideline and I want to see the campus alive this time. The last time I came to campus it was in the summer so it wasn't as alive as it will be on game day. The coaches say the game atmosphere is gonna be nuts," Jared Odrick said.

One Georgia tradition he's especially interested in being a part of is the Dawg Walk.

"I want to see the Dawg Walk. I've heard a lot about it from everybody down at Georgia. The players talked about it a lot when I came down there over the summer and the coach's really like it."

Odrick already knows whom his host will be when he gets to the Classic City.

"Kade Weston is going to be my host. We kind of hit it off when I was down there over the summer and he's from around here along with playing the same position I do so they're gonna put me with him."

Jared plans to leave for Athens later this evening.

"Were leaving Thursday night and driving down. Were going to stay somewhere in Southern Virginia and then leave early in the morning so I can make a couple of the team meetings on Friday afternoon."

With three of his five official visits already taken, the Keystone State star is learning a little bit more about what to expect on these trips.

"A lot of these schools might try to wine and dine you but you have to look at a few different things than just what they're showing you. You have to look past some of that."

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