Another 5-Star Athens Bound this Weekend?

5-star DE Deantwan "Peanut" Whitehead is facing a tough dilemma this weekend. The big man from Alabama is torn between attending three different college games and he readily admits that he has no idea what he'll do at this point.

"I'm trying to decide between three games right now. Vandy, Bama or Georgia. I'm the type of the person that doesn't like to say no to anybody so I may just end up in the living room with three TV's. I don't really know," Deantwan Whitehead said.

While Peanut may not know where he's headed this weekend, he does know that he'll be making official visits to Louisville and Arkansas.

"I've got 2 visits set up to Louisville on the 26th of November and Arkansas on the 2nd of December."

West End HS saw their season unfortunately come to and last Friday in a hard fought game.

"We got knocked out of the playoffs last week. It was 7-7 pretty much the whole game and they busted one down the other sideline late and that was pretty much it. It hurt."

Despite the abrupt end to his senior season, Whitehead turned in a senior campaign that rivals that of any player in the country.

"I had 25 sacks, 125 tackles and 17 tackles for loss. As far as forced fumbles and stuff I can't remember all of that but there was quite a few."

Will Peanut be on a campus near you this Saturday or will he be back home in Birmingham? Stay tuned to to find out.

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