Anderson: Auburn most physical game of season

ATHENS – Gerald Anderson spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: This group of seniors still has a chance to win three SEC East division titles in four years, but it seems like you have to beat Auburn to do that. How big is this game?

Gerald Anderson: You just really summed it up. This game is very big. E have to take care of business on Saturday in order to even have a chance to get to Atlanta on December 3rd. Really, if we don't take care of business on Saturday we are putting ourselves behind where we can't get to Atlanta playing for the SEC Championship. If we go ahead and take of business and win Saturday then it will put us in line. We've got Kentucky next week. If we can beat both then we will be fine.

How about this game's and its physical nature – is this the most physical game all season?

This game is physical. We are a physical team, and Auburn is an extremely physical team. They are going to come out and try to out hit us. One thing we have to do is stand up to the challenge. They come out every year with the same plan, and we have to go out and try to stop it.

Kenny Irons brings a not-so-unique running experience as far as Auburn is concerned. It seems like they just put a new back in every single year.

I have been watching Kenny and he's tough. In the past usually they may have Cadillac and Ronnie Brown. Now you see Kenny Irons come in and he's taken a lot of the load by himself. I think he's done a tremendous job this year, and I have a lot of respect for him.

What the key to winning this game?

I think if we can slow down their running attack, and we play well on offense then we'll be successful.

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