Will Auburn's two mascots give them the edge?

ATHENS – It's a question that's been asked for as long as Georgia and Auburn have played: Do Auburn's two mascots give them the advantage over Georgia?

A refresher course is needed on the Auburn's mascot every year of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. Is it this – is it that? I know, I know: It's the Tigers – but it's confusing.

"I went to a game my senior year in high school," said a puzzled Demario Minter. "I saw the Tigers, but also I heard the fans screaming: ‘War Eagle.'"

That's where it gets tricky. Auburn is officially known as the "Tigers." But their mascot – a golden eagle – is named Tiger. The thing impressively circles Jordan (pronounced Jer-dan, as if we needed any further correcting) –Hare Stadium while tens of thousands of Auburn fans scream "War Eagle" – for the flying golden eagle named Tiger. (Your mind spinning yet?)

The matter is so confusing that even after the NCAA mandated its schools shrink their typically telephone book-sized media guides down to 208 pages Auburn still had to devote one full page to the explanation of their mascot hybrid. It is written by Jim Phillips, a former Plainsman (another often-confused nickname for Auburn's teams) editor in the late 1950s.

"Who are the War Eagles?" Minter asked – flashing back to his trip to Auburn a half decade ago. "Someone explained all of it to me and it was kind of cool though."

But not cool enough, apparently, for the Bulldogs to acquire a second mascot of their own.

"As of right now we are just the Bulldogs," tight end Martrez Milner said.

Good thing Minter and Milner understand the whole thing, most of Auburn's opponents don't. While the opposition is trying to figure out which mascot they are facing that week Auburn's Tigers are outscoring them 361-83 in the first half of all contests over the last two seasons.

Maybe Georgia should think about another mascot after all – you know I hear they used to have a goat on the sideline during games…

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