"I Got to Give it a 10..."

Jacksonville receiver Jamar Hornsby was one of the biggest name recruits on the University of Georgia campus this past weekend and the 5-star prospect got the red carpet rolled out for him by the Dawgs. He came away thoroughly impressed by what he saw in Athens.

"Man it was crazy. Everybody showed me love up here. To tell you the truth it was better than Michigan. I got to give it a 10 man. I got to. The fans are crazy," Jamar Hornsby said.

The Georgia tradition known as the Dawg Walk sticks out to Jamar.

"The Dawg Walk was the best thing. People had signs and t-shirts with my name on it. I signed about 300 autographs. It took me like 30 minutes just to get halfway through the thing."

What did he think about the game and the atmosphere inside Sanford Stadium?

"Them boys should have won the game. It was just one blown assignment at the end. The atmosphere inside the stadium was great. The fans seemed a lot crazier than Florida really."

Hornsby was hosted by fellow Jacksonville native, Bryan Evans.

"Bryan Evans was my host. I got here Friday so we went out to a little party that night and then we went out to Tasty World on Saturday. We had a lot of fun really. All the recruits like Chasman Davis and Jarred Fayson we all hung out together."

Georgia QB commit Matthew Stafford spoke with the big time WR.

"I talked to Matthew Stafford for a while. He just basically told me to come there and he'd get me the ball."

UGA's facilities were another highlight of the trip for Hornsby.

"They've probably got the best dorms I've seen. The football facilities are real good. The town of Athens is definitely something I could get used to as well."

Before leaving, Jamar took some time to sit down with Coach Richt.

"Coach Richt said I'm what he's looking for, a big fast, physical receiver. He said they have some smaller guys who are quick but nobody that's all that big right now."

The visit has given him some things to think about in regards to favorites.

"I don't really know what I'm thinking. Right now it's Florida, Georgia and Michigan really. Georgia is kind on my mind real hard right now. I like Florida a lot too. It's going to be a tough decision."

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