Georgia Gets a Perfect Score

When you mention top wide receivers around the country one name that seems to always come to mind is California's David Ausberry. David is one of the highest recruits still left on the board for the Georgia Bulldogs and they put their best effort forward this weekend in trying to convince him to become a Dawg. He talks about his trip to Athens with

"I had a lot of fun out here. I'd have to give it a 10. It was a great trip," David Ausberry said.

The people stood out to Ausberry the most.

"The fans and meeting all the players and the recruits was the best part. I enjoyed all of them. Everything was real cool out here. Everybody was very laid back."

Davis was hosted to South Carolina native Antavious Coates.

"Antavious Coates was my host. We just went around and met everybody. He's a real cool guy and has a good personality."

One of the things that he liked about the visit was Sanford Stadium.

"Man, that is one nice place. I liked that stadium a lot. That place was really loud once it got going."

One thing David mentioned that he was looking forward to in a pre-visit interview was the Dawg Walk. What did he think about the tradition now that he's seen it up close?

"The Dawg Walk was crazy. I've never experienced anything like that. Just everybody showing me love was great. When I went through there everybody knew who I was already."

Georgia QB commit Matthew Stafford took some time out with Ausberry.

"I talked to Stafford for a little bit. He didn't put too much pressure on me or anything. He just told me to make the decision that is best for me and no one can make your mind up for you."

David liked what he saw out of Coach Richt.

"Coach Richt just told me to follow my heart. He's the nicest coach I've met so far. He knows what he's talking about and he's a really smart guy."

Many have rumored that Ausberry is likely a very heavy lean to the USC Trojans. He insists that is not the case/

"I'm not leaning anywhere. People say I'm leaning to USC because they really don't know what they're talking about. I'm open right now. I don't know how rumors like that get started."

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