Watts working for more PT

ATHENS – Seth Watts spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: How are things going for you right now?

Seth Watts: Things are pretty good right now. I'm on the scout team going against the number one defense. I've been trying to make myself get better every day like that.

Do you have to turn it on, or what happens at this time of the season for a guy like you?

Not playing as much as some of the other guys right now – every day I need to come out there and go as hard as I possibly can against those number one guys on the defense. Those guys, especially our guys this year, they are going to make me better as long as I am trying to make myself better.

Is it hard to stay motivated when you are not out there on Saturday s?

Not really; not any more. It kind of was last year. Knowing that last year was a little rough, but I still worked. It was hard. This year its not hard. I've gotten to play in some games this year, and that was motivation I really needed. Ever since I got my first action against Boise State this year it's not been hard to stay motivated because I can see what will happen if I continue to work hard.

Your playing time seems right around the corner. It seems like playing time will be up in the air for the next season. How do you position yourself going into the spring?

I am really not sure. I will probably be somewhere behind Chester. He'll probably go in as the number one tight guard. But its spring and in spring every thing is up for grabs. All I can do is work for the best. I know I will be in the mix, and that Coach Callaway wants me to work hard to be in there.

What did you do Sunday to recover from that game?

After the game I just went to my room and sat down with some of my friends. We didn't really do anything. We got together Sunday and reflected on what happened. Yeah, we need to put it behind us, but also I think it's a good thing to remember it so that we won't feel like that again.

Is it strange to lose a game like that and still have a chance at the SEC title? Isn't that kind of odd?

It's been a very strange year. But by the grace of God, the seniors have worked hard enough and certainly deserve the opportunity to play for the SEC Championship.

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