Dawgs still discussing Auburn timeouts

ATHENS - Georgia fans were irate two times Saturday when Auburn was awarded a timeout that negated a sack for the Bulldogs, but the call was correct both times, Coach Mark Richt said.

"You could clearly see on film that their coaching staff was calling timeout before the ball was snapped," he said. "It was not by much, but they were calling timeout."

That doesn't mean Richt is a fan of the rule, which was changed before last season to allow coaches to call timeouts from the sideline. In previous years, only a player on the field could call timeout. In both cases during the Georgia-Auburn game, a few players seemed to hear the referee's whistle but most continued with the play.

"I think that rule needs to be revisited," Richt said. "Why have two more repetitions where kids can get hurt? Especially if some of them see the official signal it and relax and others don't and are still going full speed. That's one I may bring up myself."

Georgia's coaching staff wasn't thrilled with all the calls from the game, though. Richt sent a tape to the SEC office asking Bobby Gaston to review an offensive pass interference call against Leonard Pope and whether Devin Aromashodu's final fumble rolled out of the end zone before being recovered by Courtney Taylor.

There's no reason for Bulldog Nation to be mad about those either, said Gaston, the SEC's director of officials.

"By rule, they were called exactly right," he said.

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