Harris: Just win and get to Atlanta

ATHENS – Kenneth Harris spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me about your year and your expectations going into the Kentucky game

Kenneth Harris: It's been a good season. We've had two losses – Florida and Auburn – that we wish we could have won. As far as this game, you want to come out and work hard this week. Kentucky is a good team that can come in here and beat us. We have to work hard and play hard this Saturday.

As far as the competitiveness at wide receiver – some have been talking about the drops – has it become more competitive out there because everyone realizes that this is a wide-open competition?

It's competitive. Week to week, we know that someone else could start. You have to go out there and work – whatever happens, happens.

Tell me about the mood on Sunday

It kind of just – it felt bad. Looking back at the game and thinking about the one that I had in the end zone. Looking back at that game – there are a lot of what ifs. We had a lot of opportunities. We did a lot of good things and we did a lot of bad things. I just felt like we could have won, and it's a bad feeling when you feel like you could have won, and you lost at the end like that.

Is it strange to have a game like that – with such build up – and then you lose and you are not out of it?

It seems a little bit odd, but that's the way things go. All we can do is go out there Saturday and beat Kentucky to win the SEC East.

Has the battle cry been getting to Atlanta?

Before this season even started that was our goal: win the East and win the SEC Championship.

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