Durham and Calhoun rolling in playoffs

Kris Durham spoke with Dean Legge for a short time Tuesday.

Dean Legge: You committed in the spring. Why commit to a place so early?

Kris Durham: I just felt real comfortable in Athens with Coach Richt and his staff. It felt like I could be at home there. It was just the feel that I had when I was there talking to the coaches. Coach Richt is a great guy, and I didn't want to pass up that opportunity to play for him.

When I saw you up there at Georgia's camp – you are very tall and lanky – it seems like your number one attribute are you hands. Are they something you have worked on your whole life, did someone tell you to work on that or is it natural?

It's mostly natural. I have always kept my eye on the ball, and had it fixated on the ball. I don't pay any attention to anything – it's just myself and the ball. I guess it's just a natural thing that God blessed.

During the recruiting process, do they give you suggestions on things to work on?

They have said: "Are you working at this; are you working at that?" Mainly, they have said that I need to get bigger, and stronger. They said I need to work on all fundamentals and things like that.

Is it hard to hear from people: "You've got to get bigger?"


Does working in the weight room come naturally to you? Is that something you enjoy?

I enjoy certain aspects of it. It's something that you have to do, so I don't go in there dreading the work I need to do. I know that I have to do that. I go in there with my head on strait knowing that I have to do it to get stronger. I am focused on doing that – getting stronger.


Durham and Calhoun High are hosting Fitzgerald this weekend in the Georgia State AA Playoffs. Should Calhoun win they will play at the Georgia Dome next weekend.

Calhoun is 12-0 with wins over Walker (41-7) and Morgan County (38-23).

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