Miller getting comparisons to Jennings

Prince Miller spoke with Dean Legge for a short time Monday night.

Dean Legge: Where you think they will play you in Athens?

Prince Miller: I am going as a cornerback.

What's your favorite part about playing corner?

I like pressing the receiver. I don't mind hitting either.

Why pick Georgia?

It was the place I felt most comfortable with. I went and visited some schools, and when I went to Georgia I just saw myself coming there.

Did it have a lot to do with the winning they have done lately?

No – It wasn't too far from home. It's not much more than an hour and a half from my home.

With Clemson being as big as they are un the upstate, do you get a lot of grief from a lot of people about not going there? Your quarterback has committed to them.

Not really. I wasn't really recruited by Clemson.

Does it bother you when a school in your back yard does not recruit you?

I never – it didn't bother me.

Does it matter to you that Georgia won the SEC East this season?

It lets you know that they are headed in the right direction, but all of that comes with going to Georgia. I am happy that they are doing well.

How did your parents decide to name you Prince?

I was named after my dad.

Do you catch grief over your name?

Only in articles (laughing).

A guy your size from South Carolina going up to Georgia to play cornerback – have you gotten any sort of Tim Jennings comparisons at all?

That's the first thing Coach Martinez said when he saw me: I reminded him of Tim Jennings.

That's not bad there.

I actually would say that I am a little bit bigger than he was when I saw him in person (laughing).

NOTE: Miller and Byrnes beat York Saturday in the South Carolina AAAA State Playoffs. They host Aiken this weekend. Miller will play for South Carolina in the annual Shrine Bowl this December.

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