Miller: We have to get this done

ATHENS – Brandon Miller spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after one of Georgia's fall practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me about this weekend's game with LSU. How are you feeling going into it?

Brandon Miller: I feel good. I think it's going to be a hard, physical game. I think we are going to have to bring our A game. All the time we have off we need to be watching film – put the socializing aside – we have to get this done.

How important is this game to y'all?

Every game we play – we play it like it's our last. This is the last game I am going to play with the seniors. I am going to give it my all. I want the seniors to go out with a bang.

What do you think the most difficult part about stopping LSU's offense will be for y'all?

You first have to stop their running game.

What is the feeling among the linebacker about stopping the run against them?

The first thing we are thinking about right now is stopping the run. We had a lot of mental mistake last week that didn't really cost us in that game. We can't go into this game making mistakes.

Do you think they are the most talented team you will see?

Yes – no question.

Do y'all take a hard look at what Auburn and Tennessee did to them?

I am going to look at everything, and I know that everyone else is going to look at it, too. I am looking for anything that can help us out.

How are y'all doing as a group (linebackers) – maybe Tony Taylor will be back, maybe he won't?

We can't focus on the injuries right now. Tony wants to play. He is going to do his best to come out there and give it his all. Everyone else is al right. Dannell should be coming back.

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