Wood just shy of qualifying

Brandon Wood spoke with Dean Legge for a short time Monday night.

Dean Legge: It's been a long time since I have talked with you – what's been going on?

Brandon Wood: My high school finished up a few weeks ago. We lost in the first round of the playoffs. We lost to Northside Warner Robins 42-7.

Wasn't that one of y'all's goals – getting to the playoffs?

Yeah it was. Our school has never been to the playoffs before, so that was the main goal we had set, and we achieved it.

How are the grades going?

My grades are going good. I think I need one point on my ACT to match my GPA.

So Hargrave is not…


You are quick to cut me off and say that.

Oh yeah (laughing). I am not going to Hargrave. I have picked my grades up.

So what made you pick your grades up?

One reason was that I had a talk with my Mom. She read what kind of school it is – a military school – and I started thinking to myself: "Man. I've got all of these people depending on me to do what I am going to do – from Haralson County – I have to focus and do my work." I have been studying more. I have a 91 in literature. I would have never thought about having that in the past, but I've got it.

You are done with the season – what do you do now?

I went down to the Georgia Dome the other day and watched the high school semifinals.

Who was the best player out there to you of all the players there?

There were a bunch of them. Marcus Ball – I like him.

What will you be doing when Georgia plays for the SEC this Saturday night?

I will be there. Someone from church got some tickets and we are going.

Why did you not take more visits, and will you take any more in January?

I've thought about it, and everyone thinks I am crazy for not going on them, but – I don't know. I am worried about what I have to do to pass and qualify.

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