Ward gets Georgia in-home on Thursday

Na Derris Ward spoke with Dean Legge for a short time Monday night.

Dean Legge: Obviously you are interested in Georgia and LSU – did you get to watch the SEC Championship this weekend?

Na Derris Ward: Yes.

How was it?

It was a very exciting game. Georgia was dominating, but it plays no part in my decision.

What will make you pull the trigger one way or another?

I've got just a few this and that's that I want to make sure are taken care of before I make my decision. My environment – I want to make sure I am with a staff and teammates I can work with on the field and with academics.

Does Georgia's tight end legacy mean anything to you?

That puts some thought in your mind. You can look at that, but they are all pretty much dominant programs. You just have to make the right decision for yourself.

Does Leonard Pope's staying or leaving make the decision one way or another for you?

Not – a little but, but not much. If he leaves it's going to force me to go into the mix now, but if he stays then I think it's a learning process, and I can take my time to develop, learn the ropes and concentrate on schoolwork. Then by my redshirt freshman year I would be able to come in and dominate.

I guess you are going to take the month off and have Christmas – when will you decide, January?

Actually no, I am going to decide before that. I am in the process right now. I have narrowed it down, and there's not too much left to do. I will make the decision before the Califlorida Bowl.

So Coach Johnson – the tight ends coach – he can deal with you specifically as it relates to the tight ends. Has Georgia come for their in-home?

Not yet. Actually they will be here Thursday. Coach Garner and Coach Richt will be in my home Thursday.

So Coach Richt will be out there as well?

Yes he will be visiting Thursday.

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