Catching up with 5 Star Georgia Commitment

Darius Dewberry is a five star linebacker that was a member of the Georgia Class of 2005. He failed to meet academic requirements at Georgia and is spending the year at Hargrave Military Academy. Dewberry has gotten the required test score, and he talks about getting back to Georgia.

As first reported by, Darius Dewberry projects as a full qualifier after spending a year at Hargrave Military Academy (good to go).

We caught up with Dewberry at Hargrave yesterday, and he talked about what it felt like to get his score.

"I was in class when I got my score back," said Dewberry," I wanted to run out of the class room screaming 'I got my score'. I wanted to run around the whole school," added Dewberry with a laugh. "I just have to finish the year here and graduate and I'll be headed to Georgia."

Ever the competitor, Dewberry was one of the few committed players to compete in every drill at Hargrave's Combine on Monday. Checking out #11's results, one will see why he enjoys the competition (40 - 4.48, Shuttle - 4.14, Vert - 34).

The transition from 5 Star athlete to Military School solitude can be a tough one for players, and Dewberry was no different.

"Man, the first two weeks I had here I was having second thoughts about playing football. We had practice four times a day in full pads, but you get used to it. And once school starts, things get easier,

Dewberry is already a scary looking athlete at 6-3 and 228 pounds, but the next six months might just put him over the top. With football over, there's only two things to do for the next six months.

"Just get my grades and stay in the weight room," answered Dewberry on how he would pass the time at Hargrave now that school is out. "I'm probably looking forward to seeing all of the fans at Georgia the most. Here we only had about 50 people come to our games. So I'm looking forward to the fan support at Georgia."

And Georgia fans are looking forward to supporting Darius Dewberry.

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