Perez gets ready for spring in Athens

Kevin Perez recently spoke with Dean Legge for a short time.

Dean Legge: Tell me why you committed so early to play for Georgia.

Kevin Perez: I wanted to concentrate on my senior season, and get all of the recruiting out of the way. Since I am going in early in January I figured that I needed to commit a little bit earlier than every one else.

When will you arrive in Athens?

I finish high school December 16th – December 14th should be my last day. School starts January 4th, so I guess that's the latest I can be up there.

Will you be able to practice with the team for the Sugar Bowl?

I am not really sure. The rules have changed about all of that.

Who is coming down to see you?

Coach Martinez will be down here, and Coach Callaway and Coach Richt have been saying that they would like to come down if they can – maybe all three of them.

Tell me what you are doing to get ready to play at Georgia in a few weeks.

Our season just ended. We lost 19-7 to Miami Northwestern in the second round of the 6A Playoffs. I have been working out with my personal trainer since the Monday after we lost. I was working with him on the weekends during the season, but now I going heavy with him again. I am going to workout at 6 AM before school, and then at 3PM after school so that I can get two workouts in one day.

Why go to college early?

I have never really been a big partier. Yeah – I'll go to prom and all of that stuff, but I don't see what the big deal is with walking for graduation. I'm not interested in wasting my time here this spring and summer. I'd just be working out. I figure why not get a much better workout at Georgia.


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