Dent Talks Dawgs

The Georgia Bulldogs picked up a 4-star LB and their 24th verbal commitment in the class of 2006 when Atlanta standout Akeem Dent selected the Dawgs recently. On Tuesday afternoon,'s Ryan Jordan got a chance to sit down with Akeem and have a Q&A session about his decision and how he thinks he'll fit in with the Bulldogs down the road.

Ryan: Can you tell me exactly why you chose Georgia?

Akeem Dent: "First of all I chose Georgia because of the location. It's not too far from home, it's about an hour and a half away. It's also because of the great football program they have and of course the academic program is very good."

Ryan: How do you see yourself fitting in with the current linebacker situation in Athens?

Akeem Dent: "My position is going to be outside linebacker and probably weakside linebacker. I can run, I can hit and make tackles. I think I fit in real well. Hopefully I'll try to go in and compete next year and see where I stand. If I have to redshirt, I'll do that. That will give me a chance to get faster, stronger and learn the system. Hopefully after that ya'll will see me on TV."

Ryan: What made you go ahead and decide that now was the time to make your decision?

Akeem Dent: "It was getting close to signing day and I had to narrow my choices down to a couple of schools. Georgia, when I went down there I just felt like I was comfortable, like I was at home. That was just what I chose to do."

Ryan: Tell me what you liked most about Coach Garner. I know he recruited you here at Douglass High School.

Akeem Dent: "Coach Garner, he's real nice. He's very straightforward when he talks and he tells the truth. He don't feed me things or try to lie to me and tell me I'm going to come in and start and all of that. He's real nice. Just a pretty cool guy."

Ryan: Talk a little about going to join your buddy Roderick Battle over in Athens.

Akeem Dent: "Oh yeah uh.. he's my former teammate and I really look forward to playing with him. I played with him here at Douglass and we got along well. I'm gonna be playing with a couple of lineman down there including Roderick so hopefully they can keep the big boys off of me so I can just make plays."

Ryan: What do you feel you do best on a football field?

Akeem Dent: "The best thing I do on the field is that I'm real agressive. My speed is one of my top qualities so I can run and I can hit."

Ryan: What are Georgia fans getting in Akeem Dent?

Akeem Dent: "In Akeem Dent, Georgia fans your getting a person that's a hard worker. I work really hard. I'm an academic person and your getting somebody that's ready to go out there at any time and fight to get a win."

Ryan: Let's talk a little bit further about your academics and what you've accomplished in the classroom here at Douglass.

Akeem Dent: "I never really joined too many of the clubs and all that here at Douglass but I just went in and got all my work done in the classroom first because I can't do anything on the field without it. You got to have your grades first. So, like when I get to college I want to major in either architecture or business and Georgia has a tremendous business school. I really liked that about them."

Ryan: You project as a full qualifier, correct?

Akeem Dent: "I received my test scores and my GPA is a 3.2 so I've qualified and everything. I'm going to take the test again in January just to get a higher score and one that I'll be satisfied with."

Ryan: Now, you set a visit to Florida for January 13th. Will you make that visit?

Akeem: "It's possible that I will make the visit. I'm committed to Georgia. I like their style and I like their football, but I'm really still debating on whether I'm going to make that visit or not."

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