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With the #3 ranked recruiting class in the country, Georgia is bound to have numerous big time players coming into Athens next year. However, some recruits always seem to have a little more excitement surrounding them and one of those athletes this year is 4-star WR Tony Wilson from the state of Florida. caught up with him recently to talk about his views of UGA currently and also how he sees himself fitting in next year.

Tony will get to work with 5-star QB Matthew Stafford when summer arrives in a few months and he's excited about the opportunity.

"Oh I've seeen a lot of film on him and he's a man that can get me the ball so I'm really excited about that. Hopefully we can develop a real good relationship when I get there."

Wilson says he's not very concerned with other receivers gaining an advantage on him due to their early enrollment.

"I'm not worried about others coming in early. Kris (Durham) is the only one and I'm happy for him but that's just gonna make me work harder and I'm a quick learner. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get on the field."

Wilson should see the promise of early playing time. Returning starter Sean Bailey tore his ACL during bowl practice and recovery time for knee injuries can take quite a long time.

"I see even more opportunity now. Sean was a guy who could stretch the field and that's how they see me as well. I'm going to make the DB's sweat a little bit and let them know I'm going to be a threat and they can't let me behind them."

The Daytona Beach native will represent the state of Florida in the CaliFlorida HS All-Star game this coming Saturday and he's excited about the chance to participate.

"It's an honor to play out there. Got to give all the praise to God to be one of the top players and asked to represent Florida. There were so many good players that couldn't be here so I accepted it like a Heisman. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to play in this game."

Tony watched the Bulldogs closely this fall and despite most media outlets picking UGA third in the SEC-East during the preseason, Wilson says he never even blinked an eye at the prognosticators.

"It wasn't a shock to me. I knew they would be SEC champions. People doubted them because David Greene left but I knew Shock would step up for them and lead them to a Championship. He's just that type of person and everybody believes in him."

One of the biggest reasons for Tony's commitment to Georgia was former HS teammate Kelin Johnson. In the past Wilson has praised Kelin and said he first earned his respect when Kelin would go 100% at him and press him during practice while other highly touted DB recruits at Mainland would play soft coverage on him. Wilson credits Johnson with making him a better football player and it comes as no surprise to Tony that Kelin looks to quite possibly be the next great UGA safety.

"Everytime I call the coaches, they're always telling me about how Kelin knocked somebody out. I called Coach Kirby and he said Kelin gets mad sometimes because they keep going at him. He's like that. They told me he shocked the whole team one time when he hit Pope and actually flipped him over."

When asked about his predictions for the Sugar Bowl, he left no room for doubt in his answer.

"Or were gonna win, no question. West Virginia has got a good team but were going to come out of there with a victory."

Georgia fans hope he leaves no doubt with his own play once he arrives in the Classic City...

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