Lomax to miss spring with shoulder surgery

ATLANTA – Jeremy Lomax spoke with the Dean Legge before one of Georgia's Sugar Bowl practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me how your injury situation is…

Jeremy Lomax: I had a high ankle sprain, which required surgery. They put a screw into by foot and I just had it taken out on November 30th.

Will you do off-season stuff?

I am getting shoulder surgery on the fifth (of January 2006), and I will be out for spring ball.

So I guess summer is the target time for your return?


What do you during that time period? Is it hard to deal with all of this?

It's hard – it's real hard, but it's a great time for me to gain some weight.

I know that's a touchy subject with you (laughing)… how is that going?

It's coming along – I'm up to 225 now, and just trying to put it on right now.

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