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Here's the Dawg Blog for Washington's game against Arizona State, on Thursday, December 29th, 2005 in Seattle.

10 minutes to tipoff: Nothing too outstanding to report so far...the Dawg Pack gave the visitors the Bronx Cheer as they finished their second warmup and booed them lustily a full 20 seconds before they came back on the court. The 'Pack can see right into the entrance where the visitors come out, so they typically get the jump on everybody else.

4 minutes to tipoff: Both teams come back on for the final time. Lorenzo Romar comes out to his typical 'Romar' chant by the Dawgpack. The band adds the CBS post-season jingle for good measure. It's weird to watch ASU warmup and not see Ike Diogu out there. One guy is wearing a facemask ala Brockman. Can't tell who it is yet.

Tipoff: It looks to be the Kru(e)gers versus the purple people eaters. If Kevin Kruger and Bryson Krueger can put down their looks from outside, they can keep the Devils in it. For Washington, they need to harass, harass, harass - especially the inexperienced ASU frontcourt. The Sun Devils are relying on a true frosh for their scoring and rebounding punch (Pendergraph), so the Huskies should be able to force the younger ASU guys into some miscues. No traffic problems for the fans tonight, doesn't look like there are too many open seats in Hec Ed tonight. Justin Dentmon is back in the starting lineup for UW.

18:26/1st: The Dawg Pack love calling out Serge Angounou's first name - like the Bronson Pinchot character in Beverly Hills Cop. It's definitely going to be one of those chippy games where foul trouble will play a part. Washington is struggling to find a rhythm offensively.

15:52/1st: Kevin Kruger just hit the first of what will probably be many threes. Nothing can go through the twine for the 'Dawgs right now as they are 0 for their first 11 shots. Dawg Pack is giving the ASU huddle plenty of noise during the under-16 TO. The Devils can't get the ball in-bounds and call another quick TO. This time they move out a little bit toward the court and the Pack is really giving it to them.

14:41/1st: Romar is looking to Roy and Williams for some leadership and scoring punch and he gets it right out of the TO with a jumper-and-one. Jamaal puts in a jump hook and Brandon drains a three from a Dentmon cross-court pass to give Washington the lead. Krueger threw up and air ball and the Pack is letting him know about it. But Jamaal picked up his second foul on an apparent technical that no one saw. Mike Jensen comes into the game, replacing Williams.

13:33/1st: The pace is too UW's liking, but ASU is running their sets without any problems. The Huskies need to ratchet it up on the defensive end. Roy is all over the place, he just needs his jumper to go down.

12:48/1st: Ryan Appleby just hit is first three, that could be big. The referees are doing their best to try and keep control, and they are doing it by blowing their whistles at every convenient moment. Surprised there hasn't been any 'Take his whistle' chants yet. I expect at least one in the second half, the way things are going. Jensen feeds Roy for another three and the Appleby feeds the leader for an easy lay-in. ASU Head Coach Rob Evans is none too pleased as he calls TO.

9:20/1st: The Sun Devils are really having to work for their points on offense, while Washington is getting on their horse and really striking back quick - even on made shots. Washington defense has been pretty strong, and if ASU is going to rely on Angounou for their points, they will be in for a long night.

8:12/1st: Joel Smith gets into the action for three. The pace really favors Washington right now. They are just humming. ASU makes a bucket, UW puts it back on their end within three seconds, tops. Dentmon is being very aggressive on the dribble-drive, and the Huskies are actually starting to hit a shot or two. If ASU doesn't slow this sucker down, they are going to be driven right off the court. The two Kru(e)gers have barely been in the action.

6:20/1st: Evans is barking at the officials and the Pack is barking at him. High comedy. ASU goes zone. The Devils' back-up point, Atuahene, is effectively getting through the paint and either scoring or dishing his teammates for easy buckets. Just noticed that he's wearing one of those nose-braces too. Appleby comes in. Romar needs him to be the zone-buster. Instead, it's Jensen that connects from deep.

4:51/1st: Williams goes out with his two fouls. As soon as Appleby is in, zone goes away.

3:14/1st: Give Dentmon credit; he's getting into ASU's front-court and causing problems. But I haven't seen UW miss this many chippies in some time. Talk about iron unkind! Hopefully it's a situation they'll get resolved at half. Kevin Kruger has been an absolute non-factor, which makes the fact that ASU is hanging around just that much more impressive.

2:20/1st: ASU is not playing very good defense, too many hand slaps. Washington making them pay on the line. Refs have made it very clear they aren't afraid to blow their whistles tonight. Romar throws a quick trap on the Devils and they call TO.

1:50/1st: Kruger gets to shoot three after mayhem ensues on an ASU possession. Jones picks up his third foul. Joel Smith looks to be a little dinged up. Game is tied.

40 seconds/1st: The crowd wakes up to an Appleby alley-oop to Smith. Clearly he's OK now.

Halftime: Smith gets another feed - this time from Roy - and he makes good on another layup to give Washington a 40-38 halftime lead. Roy's 16 pace the Dawgs, but it's the 33 percent shooting from the field that has them only up two. They hold a 22-17 rebounding edge and have only committed one turnover so far - that's stellar stuff. Now their shots need to drop - and they should.
19:40/2nd: You can tell from UW's set to start out the second half, they want to feed the guys down deep. Williams for an easy look after a nice entry from Roy. Dentmon gets fouled and knocks down three from the charity stripe to lengthen UW's small halftime advantage.

18:05/2nd: UW on a 7-0 run and they are making ASU's offensive opportunities a 'one-and-done' affair. Roy buries another three to make it an even 10-0 run. Going inside early and having success has just opened lanes on the perimeter and Washington is taking smart shots from downtown.

17:11/2nd: The refs continue to let their whistles do the talking. Ticky-tack stuff. Clearly the reputation of this series has proceeded itself. Williams' shot isn't going down, but UW is crashing the glass. Jones just picked up his fourth after Roy swatted away an ASU drive to the hole. The Devils are opening up the middle for cutters and finding some success. The Huskies are getting away with some sloppy defense because of their athletic ability. Smith just annihilated another easy ASU attempt.

15:22/2nd: ASU is scoring, but UW's stroke is starting to gain some consistency. Roy is getting good looks from behind the arc and hitting. If there was any question that Brandon Roy can't put this team on his back anymore, forget about it. His coattails are plenty big.

14:07/2nd: Intention foul on Appleby, on a break-away. Not a fan favorite call. The man in the plastic mask - Atuahene, makes only one of the shots.

13:18/2nd: And the whistle-fest continues. Death by a thousand paper cuts. Gasser gets called for a block, which drives the UW faitful nuts again. Brockman gets a nice feed from Dentmon and the frosh duo hook up for an easy lay-in.

12:37/2nd: Brockman just got laid out with an elbow Andrew Golotta would have been proud to call his own. He acted like he may have been temporarily knocked out, but got up after a minute and took a seat at the end of the bench. ASU called for the foul, which drives the ASU coaches nuts, which in turn drives the Pack nuts. Roy goes in for two more and the whole house erupts.

11:46/2nd: By this time, the whole house is up on their feet and louder than they have been all game. ASU connects on a drive, but UW comes back and scores again. It's only a matter of time before all the fans are once again off their duffs. The Huskies are hitting their stride.

11:25/2nd: The fans react to a hold by ASU, but nothing is called. The Devils entry into the post and a foul is called on Williams. Jamaal comes back on the other end with a baby hook that falls. He's having to work hard to get his points, but he's not backing down from the challenge. Things are definitely chippy on ASU's offensive end. Lots of hands slapping and bodies banging down low.

9:56/2nd: There is just no way Justin Dentmon is a frosh. No way. Way too poised on the offensive end. Roy continues to put points down in bunches as the Huskies stretch their lead to 19. Brockman is no longer on the bench. Hopefully he comes back soon.

8:33/2nd: Kurger buries a three with Jensen in his face. He falls down, no call made right in front of Evans and he can't believe it. He tries to yell something at the officials heading down to the other side, and the Pack scream back at him. The Pack has been on Evans ALL NIGHT. ASU now picks up zone

7:53/2nd: The second body to hit the deck - Angounou. But he fouled Jensen on a clear rebound attempt and the ASU coaches are about ready to explode. Dawg Pack doesn't care. A full minute into a timeout and Serge is still on his back. Now he gets up to applause and runs back to the huddle.

7:03/2nd: Jensen gets called for a foul coming back down the floor and is incredulous. The refs haven't lost the game, but they aren't doing a very good job of keeping things in order either. Jones, who lost his shoe the possession before, drives for a dunk baseline, but gets hammered. Now that UW is in the bonus, it's just a free-throw shooting contest now. Jones makes 1-2.

6:17/2nd: Roy has taken over the offensive part of the game for Washington. He can drive at any time and ASU clearly has no answer for him. The Huskies need to keep rotating, as the Devils are making them pay from outside. Evans has the whole repertoire of physical gestures he's pulled out tonight and the Pack go stride for stride. The guy just can't get a break.

5:03/2nd: Roy goes out for a break and gets a strong, well-deserved ovation. The lead is now at 17. ASU can't make their chippies now and UW can't get to the other basket quick enough. Push, push, push... Dentmon gets his own rejection on Krueger, and even though a foul is called, the whole house gives the frosh his due. Angounou comes back in to boos.

4:25/2nd: Krueger is out and he gets the 'left-right...SIT DOWN!'. In fact, he gets 'SIT DOWN!' twice, as Jones puts down two free throws. Every UW possession is now a drive to the bucket, followed by an ASU foul. This time it's the frosh forward, Pendergraph. The Pack give him the 'left-right...SIT DOWN!' and he balks at the SIT DOWN! So he gets it twice too.

4:02/2nd: Romar has to be happy with how Washington is taking care of business on the offensive end, but defensively they are giving up way too many easy looks from outside. ASU is going to fight until the end, a hallmark of all Rob Evans teams. But they just can't handle Washington when the Huskies' offense is going full-tilt.

2:31/2nd: Angounou is bound and determined to use all five of his fouls, two of them coming back-to-back. The Huskies are doing as they should, putting down the freebies. ASU will scare some people down the line, they actually have more firepower than I thought they would. The Huskies are milking the clock now, the game well in hand.

1:20/2nd: The Dawg Pack brings out the 'Stand Up' cheer and the whole house gets on their feet - just seconds before Roy puts the exclamation point on a phenomenal evening. Brandon Roy can take over a game - question answered with emphasis. He leaves the game and the crowd is still on it's feet.

:32.9/2nd: Intentional foul now called on ASU as the Huskies have now reached their season scoring average on a Jamaal Williams free throw. The Huskies move it around and are totally content to let time run out, but ASU will not relent until there is 10 seconds left on the clock. Then they relax. Dawgs win 91-67.

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