Sugar Bowl: WVU offense talks about Dawg D

ATLANTA - Read West Virginia offensive players and coaches' comments about Georgia's defense.

Patrick White (QB, 6-2, 185, RFr, Daphne, Ala.)

On Georgia's defense

"To be successful you have to execute and beat them to the punch. They are fast, athletic and physical. The defensive line and secondary really stand out to me."

On what a win for do for the West Virginia program

"It would be a big thing for the program. People have overlooked us all year long."

Garin Justice (OT, 6-8, 300, Sr., Gilbert, W.Va.)

On the Georgia Defense

"I think the most impressive thing about their defense is the speed of the team. They really swarm to the football and make tackles. They are very aggressive and physical. They are also very deep and are able to roll people in and out on defense. They keep fresh people on the field at all times. Their secondary is excellent with (Greg) Blue back there. They have several playmakers all thru the team." Offensive Coordinator Calvin McGee

Give me your thoughts on playing this game in Atlanta and in what is a home-field advantage for Georgia.

"We've been thinking about that quite a bit. Being from New Orleans, myself, it's kind of bitter-sweet. I grew up watching the Sugar Bowl and when I played ball and started coaching, I thought how nice it would be to coach in the Sugar Bowl in the Superdome one day. Atlanta's been really great … the people have been great … the committee's been great. It's a nice city so we're just going to enjoy the game."

Talk about Georgia's team speed on defense. Is it hard to simulate in practice and do they compare to anyone you played this season?

"(I compare it) maybe to our defense at practice every day. We've got a lot of team speed too. Those guys (Georgia) are very fast. You watch tape on them and you start seeing as time goes where they may not have speed here or weaknesses there, but they seemed to get faster. I'm still looking for weaknesses. Their speed is unbelievable and they play hard. We're going to have to try and match that with some speed ourselves.

What happens if Georgia forces you to pass? Are you daring them to make them do that or are you going to try and stick with your game plan? What happens if you have to throw the ball 30 times?

"That's always a mindset for us coming into every game … everyone knows they have to stop the run. We're going to do what we've been doing and cover the width of the field, not just the box. If we're forced to throw, then we'll do whatever we need to do. If they force us to throw it, then I'll guess you'll see us throw it. They're awfully good at stopping the run so that's going to be a chess match. We've got some adjustments that we'll make if we have to."

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