Sugar Bowl: Mark Richt quotes

ATLANTA - Read Mark Richt's comments about Georgia's Sugar Bowl Practice.

"We had much better tempo today. We had a few scraps and that was good. It looks like they are about ready to play someone else.

On if team looks tired at this point of the bowl week

"Sooner or later during the bowl they're going to look tired. We hope it's sooner rather than later. I didn't like how they looked at times (on Thursday). I thought at times they didn't give good effort for as long as I'm used to seeing and I don't know if they were tired or got out of condition during Christmas.

On moving hotel locations the night prior to the Sugar Bowl

"We've never done that. It's not a bad idea. I've never thought to do that but maybe in the future we will.

On health of NT Gerald Anderson

"I was hoping he could get a little work today but I don't know if he will. (Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson) is pretty confident he will be okay to play in the game and I'm hoping by tomorrow he can run around and be ready to go."

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