Interactive Chat With David Ausberry is the official selection partner for the Army All-American Bowl and on Thursday night in San Antonio, 5-star WR David Ausberry dropped by the Scout Media Center for a quick recruiting chat with Dawgpost subrcribers. This is a transcript of the action...

Ryan Jordan:: I have David Ausberry right here next to me live from San Antonio at the Army All-American Bowl for a short interactive Q&A session with the Porch crew…

MissinGeorgiaBad:: David, how are you enjoying this week?
David Ausberry:: "Yeah I've enjoyed it. I just love being around this competition and these players."

gggkk:: when will you announce your decision? and is the process wearing on you?
David Ausberry:: "I announce this weekend. It's not wearing on me really."

hopalongy:: is depth chart a concern... cause we don't seem to have one right now
David Ausberry:: "Depth isn't really an issue"

shawbones:: does he want to stay close to home
David Ausberry:: "Being close to home really doesn't matter. Just where I fit in."

gggkk:: if your favorites are osu and usc and uga do you have a leader ??
David Ausberry:: "Georgia is still in it. Everybody is."

hopalongy:: David... do you get tired of the Mike Williams comparisons? Wouldn't it be nice to be a first?
David Ausberry:: "Everyone compares me to Williams but it doesn't bother me. It would be nice to be a first though."

gggkk:: what do you think of cmr compared to other head coaches you have met
David Ausberry:: "Coach Richt is just a real good guy. I really can't compare him but he stands out a lot

2dawgphan:: RYan - is he fully aware that we have the #1 QB in the country on campus right now?
David Ausberry:: "I'm definitely aware of the quarterback but it's just where I feel comfortable the most."

SemperDawg:: Has David had any contact with Stafford?
David Ausberry:: "I did talk to Matthew but I lost his number."

1616Dawg:: Have you already made up you're mind?
David Ausberry:: "I have not made up my mind yet."

MissinGeorgiaBad:: have you been struggling to choose....have you noticed other guys out there sweating over making a decision?
David Ausberry:: "Yeah a lot of people say they think they know where I'm going but that doesn't bother me. I'm just gonna take it in stride and think it out."

hopalongy:: What if any connections to UGA do you have (other than the recruiting)?
David Ausberry:: "I really don't have any connections it's just I like the coaches."

shawbones:: have you been cmopared to dwayne jarret at all
David Ausberry:: "I did get compared to Jarrett a lot."

2dawgphan:: Ryan - ask him when was the last time he talked with CMR
David Ausberry:: "Last time I talked to Coach Richt was a couple weeks ago."

PackerDawg:: what is it about UGA that interests you the most, David?
David Ausberry:: "Just the program in general and the will to win."

AugustaDawg34:: Did the sugar bowl loss put us any lower with OSU and USC?
David Ausberry:: "Sugar loss didn't matter."

shawbones:: what does he think about pete carrol and the tradtion at usc
David Ausberry:: "That's just a great tradition. It's a great tradition growing up watching it."

hopalongy:: Who is your recruiting coach?
David Ausberry:: "Coach Beckles is my coordinator. I think he's a GA but Eason really."

2dawgphan:: Which UGA commits has he talked to over the phone recently?
David Ausberry:: "I have not talked to any on the phone."

MissinGeorgiaBad:: do you know what you'd like to major in ?
David Ausberry:: "I'd like to major in Health/Nutrition or Child Development"

AK Dawg:: David, what do you think of SEC football and the intense rivalries in the SEC?
David Ausberry:: "Those are great. Every game is a rivalry game."

Ryan Jordan:: Alright David has to go get some food before bed. Let's wrap this up…

David Ausberry:: "Thanks for all the blessings and supporting my decision."

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