Felton: Vols playing best basketball around

Dennis Felton's quotes from Monday's teleconference with the SEC Media.

(On playing Tennessee) "The Vols are playing some of the best basketball in the country. Our conference is doing so well. The first time I saw Tennessee play was when they went on the road to Texas. I was impressed with how they dismantled one of the best teams in the country. Bruce Pearl is doing a great job."

(On the SEC) "I never had any doubt that the league would continue to be strong. I said that the league would be a little unpredictable, but I knew it would be strong because we have a lot of talent and good coaching. I never bought into that it would be a down year."

(On the state of the team) "We are doing ok and we have our ups and downs. Not to say we would have beaten Florida if we have played better, but I sure would have like to have the opportunity to see that. We have made progress, that's for sure. We are still a young team and we have moments where we digress."

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