All-American Combine: Legge's O & O

SAN ANTONIO – Dean Legge gives his opinions and observations from Sunday's US Army All American Junior Combine.

There were several skill players that caught my eye, but what I found to be most surprising was the amount of solid talent at the combine for big men. In a sea of almost 700 players here are some of my thoughts about the players I saw.

Frank Ryan, who did not provide hometown information, was one of the top linemen at the camp. He was physical, big and won most if not all of his one-on-one matchups.

At offensive tackle, Anthony Davis, from Monrovia, CA (Los Altos), looked good.

There was no better offensive guard, or offensive lineman at the camp other than Lakeland, FL's LaShawn Pouncy. This guy dominated everything in front of him. Trust me – he was the best offensive lineman there.

Quintin Richardson, from Columbia, South Carolina's Spring Valley, was eye-catching. Woodbridge High's (VA) Justin Hairston appeared to be the best combo guard/center in at the combine. He was very resilient at not allowing pressure to the quarterback.

As far as defensive ends go two caught my eye: Andre Jones, from El Paso, TX (Andress), was the second-best looking defensive end at the combine. He got to the quarterback almost every time. But the best defensive lineman at the combine in my view was John Brown – another player from Lakeland, FL. This guy was a machine; he could not be handled. Joshua Allison from Lake Orion High in Michigan, looks a lot like David Pollack. He's not overwhelming with his size, but you are not going to keep him from the quarterback. He was consistent; he did not stop moving; and he found several ways to get to the signal caller.

The best "looking" running back, and it can be very difficult to know what you are getting with running backs when they are not wearing pads, was Robert Hughes from Chicago's Hubbard High. He said he was open to any school in the country. He has huge arms and was quite fast. What made him look so good at the combine was his ability to catch the ball. He has great ball skills – I though he was a wide receiver before he corrected me.

Caleb King, well known in Georgia, was continuing to make a name for himself. He might be the smoothest looking junior in the open field. When he catches the ball it goes from his hands tight to his body – it's very smooth.

Hughes was paling around with Peter Lalich, a quarterback from West Springfield High School in Virginia. Lalich throws well. He's not huge like Atlanta's Cam Newton, but he seems more precise. He's not as interested in Georgia since Matthew Stafford arrived to play for the Bulldogs, and seems particularly interested in Virginia. Hughes wanted to catch the ball from Lalich – the pair has known one another since they visited a Virginia football camp as freshmen.

Lorenzo Edwards – another fine receiver – impressed with his ability to catch the deep ball. Edwards is from Orlando's Edgewater High Schools. Acker Corwin was very similar. North Carolina's Greg Little, a heck of a self-promoter, had good hands and seemed to be a part of the elite group of receivers at the Dome Sunday.

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