Interactive Chat Re-Cap with Akeem Hebron

Army All-American and Georgia Commitment Akeem Hebron stopped by the Media Center in San Antonio last week to join the Dawgpost in an interactive chat. Here are the highlights as Dawgpost Subscribers asked him questions about the All-American Week and being a Georgia Bulldog.

idapappie:: akeem, how's practice goin
Akeem Hebron:: going well, I've been doing well so far

AK Dawg:: Ask Hebron what he thinks his playing weight will be at Georgia in a year or 2
Akeem Hebron:: i will play in the 215 range as a sophomore

pater15:: can you really run a 4.4, akeem?
Akeem Hebron:: may be a 4.35 now
pater15:: wow, thats fast, really fast for a lber

Brad79:: Akeem what are you hearing from other recruits about Uga
Akeem Hebron:: everyone down here has been really quiet about where they are going, they are trying not to tell anybody

pater15:: who are you recruiting out there for us?
Akeem Hebron:: I'm working on Ausberry and Butch Lewis

pater15:: akeem, we could have used you vs West Virginia
Akeem Hebron:: yeh thats the same thing the coaches said
AK Dawg:: Yes we could have used his speed against WVU!

idapappie:: what did you think about the game last night Akeem?
Akeem Hebron:: both played real well, but I expected Texas to win, I figured they were going to try to come up with a plan to slow down Bush

AK Dawg:: When is Akeem arriving at Georgia?
Akeem Hebron:: Early June

idapappie:: how much do you weigh right now?
Akeem Hebron:: 203 Lbs

pater15:: akeem, are you coming down this summer for work outs?
Akeem Hebron:: I am coming down in early June for workouts

JDDAWG:: who is fastest guy there you have seen
Akeem Hebron:: Probably CJ Spiller is the fastest , but Percy Harvin is probably the quickest

AK Dawg:: Which LB position will you play at Georgia?
Akeem Hebron:: I will be playing will LB

pater15:: you think you will play a lot next year?
Akeem Hebron:: depends on how much weight i can gain and how fast it takes me to adjust to the system

JDDAWG:: heard you have been showing them how to play linebacker
Akeem Hebron:: trying to, I started off slow but I have picked it up since the first day

Brad79:: Akeem have you meet Matt Satfford yet?
Akeem Hebron:: No I haven't met Stafford, but I've met a lot of the other commits

AK Dawg:: Akeem you know much about Dewberry? We hear he is gonna be a force at LB also.
Akeem Hebron:: Dewberry was on the same official as me and we got to talking about how we'll be playing on opposite ends of the field, him on one side and me on the other

jarrodcone:: what is your nickname Akeem?
Akeem Hebron:: I don't have a nickname, but y'all can give me one

JDDAWG:: have you gotten your # yet
Akeem Hebron:: I dont have one yet, I want No. 3, but Evans has been waiting on it

lakelanddawg:: Akeem, jack up Harvin, give him a preview of the future
Akeem Hebron:: Yesterday they said I was the only person to tackle Harvin in practice in the open field, that was a pretty big honor

AK Dawg:: Akeem how is our man Bean Anderson doing out there?
Akeem Hebron:: he's doing good, I talk to him a lot.

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