Learning from last season: Tennessee

Georgia played its best game of the season and shocked Tennessee in Knoxville. The win was Georgia's first at Tennessee since 1980.

Verron Haynes crept to the back of the endzone and shocked Tennessee fans everywhere with his memorable catch. Haynes' hands gave Georgia a 26-24 win over Tennessee. The win was Georgia's first over the Vols in Knoxville since 1980.

David Greene wowed the crowed with his composure. The freshman went 21 of 34 for 303 yards and two touchdowns. But it looked like Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen was going to be the hero of the day when he found running back Travis Stephens for a 62-yard touchdown screen pass.

But on the next drive Greene found Haynes in the back of the endzone. And the rest is history as they say.

What we learned:

There were a lot of things learned in the win over Tennessee. First, that Verron Haynes could and should be used as much as possible. Secondly, we learned that David Greene was for real. He outplayed one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC to get the win. He calmly moved the Dawgs down the field clutch throws to Damien Gary, Randy McMichael, and finally Verron Haynes. We also learned that Georgia would not give up against top teams even though they were down.

What was said:

"I'm proud of these guys. They really are the closest knit group of guys I've been around and I love them for it. We teach them to never, never, never quit. That's what the mat drills were for in the preseason. We were trying to teach them to have the mentality that no matter what happens, never give up," Georgia coach Mark Richt said of his players

"Look at us, we will not quit. We are looking to break their hearts as the just broke ours." Larry Munson on Georgia's final drive.

"And there's oh! A touchdown! Oh my God a touchdown! We threw it to Haynes. We just dumped it with five seconds left. (Scott Howard screaming in the background) God almighty do you see what he did? David Greene just straightened up and we snuck the fullback over. Haynes is keeping the ball. Haynes is coming running all of the way over to the bench. We just stepped on their face with a hobbed-nailed boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their face." The Legendary Larry Munson

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