Adjusting From HS to College

WR prospect Kris Durham was one of several Bulldog recruits to enter college early and got a chance to check in with him on Wednesday night for this Q&A session. Durham describes what it's like transferring to college from high school in the middle of the year and also what shocked him about Matthew Stafford's arm the first time they ever went outside to play a friendly game of catch.

Kris, describe you're initial thoughts after first stepping foot on campus in Athens.

"Wow. It's so much different from high school it's kind of hard to explain. Everything is thrown at you at once. There are workouts, then there are classes, it's so much different," Kris Durham said.

Who are you rooming with?

"Matthew Stafford, Kevin Perez and John Miller are my roommates. They're all real good guys and they work hard. They get after everything and that's what you want in a roommate."

How much different is the academic commitment asked of you now as opposed to your duties at Calhoun?

"One of my professors comes in and says read 5 chapters by Friday and I was like what!? We have tutoring every morning at 7:00am and that helps out a lot though. Whether we need help or just some extra time to study it's always there. I'm taking Physics, Philosophy, Health and Political Science right now. I'm looking into exercise science or sports medicine as my major."

How have you adjusted to the off-season workout program?

"We had our first workout this afternoon. It's real tough. So much different but it's energetic and intense. You can tell you're getting better by being there and that's what keeps you going."

You came in and participated in some bowl practices while the team was still in Athens and I'd imagine that would be a little overwhelming. Did it hurt your confidence whatsoever?

"It was a shock to some extent but I did it just to get my feet wet and to understand why I was coming in early. It gave me a good idea of how much I needed to work and what I needed to work on. As a receiver you have to have confidence in yourself and I've never had a problem with my confidence. I still believe in myself and I think I will do well."

What is your reaction to the season that the Dawgs had in 2005?

"The season was great. The games we lost were like by 3, 1 and 4. They were that close to a National Championship and they had a productive season. Winning the SEC was big."

Watching the Sugar Bowl was tough for pretty much everyone in the Bulldog Nation. How did you deal with it and what were your impressions of the game?

"In the first quarter I was going crazy. I had no idea what was going on. After that they just came on and I don't know if anyone could have beaten them those last three quarters."

Athens has so much to do outside of football and going to class. How are you dealing with some of the distractions?

"I'm not much of a party person so we all pretty much stay in and do what we have to do. There are so many distractions here but we have to stay in and keep a level head and know that we're here to get an education and play football, none of that other stuff."

You're a receiver and one of your roommates is quite possibly the Georgia quarterback of the future. I assume you've thrown the ball around with him a couple of times?

"We've thrown the ball once or twice just to get out there and get familiar with one another. He's a great guy and he's here to work hard and try to make everyone better. I was standing 70yds away from him on the first day we went out there and he hit me right in the chest and then tells me he was just loosening up. You can't say anymore than that. I run slants, posts, stops or whatever and he hits me every time. He has an absolute cannon. He's incredible."

Dawg fans hope to see some more Stafford to Durham connections in Sanford Stadium down the road…

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