Wood loves visit - Talks about Brent Brewer

ATHENS – Brandon Wood spoke with Dean Legge for a short time after his official visit to Georgia.

Dean Legge: Tell me about the visit up there…

Brandon Wood: It was fun – I enjoyed it.

Is visiting up there officially something that you've been thinking about for some time?


What are you thinking about now that Signing Day is coming closer and closer?

I'm thinking about getting faster and stronger.

How are the grades?

The grades are good. I've got to finish up my literature and I've got all As and Bs.

Do you still have to deal with the test?

Yeah. I need one more point.

So you are right about to qualify?

Oh yeah.

What about going up there; there were a lot of commitments that were up there this weekend. What did that seem like?

I got along with everyone – it was just like a family.

Is it strange not knowing guys and then knowing that you are about to spend the next four years of your life with those guys?

Um – a little bit.

Who was the most energetic? You are pretty energetic where there other guys like you up there?

Brent Brewer – he was pretty energetic.

But he didn't commit – did he?

We all talked with him about it.

With all of those commitments up there and then you've got that one guy not committed – was everyone trying to convince him to go to Georgia?

Yeah pretty much. I think he's going to come to Georgia.

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