FB Excited To Join Dawgs

Fred Munzenmaier was one of several players representing the Dawgs at the GACA North/South All-Star game in Columbus shortly after Christmas. He's ecstatic to have the chance to sign with Georgia in February and he talks about just what it means to him right here with Scout.com.

"It means a lot to say you're a signee anywhere and that's a big thing I thought about when I committed. I could go to a bunch of different places, but when you say your signing with Georgia you know that's the team that everybody you know in this state watches on Saturday. Sure there are some Georgia Tech fans but almost everybody I know is a Georgia fan. The fan base here will be a lot more personal because I know everyone who will be watching me play," Fred Munzenmaier said.

Georgia's offer was all the convincing that Fred needed to make a commitment.

"It was a no-brainer for me. That's the team I've followed ever since I was little and when they offered that's the place I knew that I wanted to be."

The Norcross star took his official visit on the weekend that Georgia honors their seniors at the Gala.

"The banquet was outstanding and the players get treated really well. I was really impressed to see how they honor the seniors and how they cap off 4 or 5 years of really hard work. I thought the banquet really paid them back for their hard work. It was a huge event."

Highlight films are a big part of the Gala and Fred enjoyed the videos.

"The movies were really intense. They were incredible. In high school you may be on the field with 1 or 2 guys that can do things like those guys do every game. It was just a bunch of plays that were incredible."

Before leaving Athens, he sat down with Coach Richt to discuss his future as a Bulldog.

"Everything has been set since they offered me but it was more just casual conversation and talking about all the things he's doing and what he's planning. It was great just to sit down with him and have him talk like I'm one of them already. I feel like I'm part of the Dog Nation."

With only one class left before graduation, Munzenmaier has already left Norcross High School.

"I finished up all my credits except for one math class and I'm taking that online. I have a tutor that comes to my house every other day and I think I finished with about a 3.3 GPA."

Although he's removed from walking the halls at Norcross, Fred can't wait to return on that first Wednesday in February to sign his letter of intent.

"We have a little presentation we do at school where we all get together and the students and teachers come. I can't wait to sign with my teammates and be with all my coaches, teachers, parents and friends. Everyone that has helped me get to where I am."

With only one class left on his docket, he has turned most of his attention to working out and preparing himself to join the Bulldogs in the summer.

"I'm lifting about 5 times a week with a personal trainer that I've been with for a while as well as some guys who are back from college. I'm also running about three times a week. The ideal plan is for me to get there in the summer and start with the team then."

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