Atkins Gives Georgia High Marks

Geno Atkins has been a recruiting tour for almost the last week as he visited Auburn over the weekend and then went on to Georgia Sunday afternoon. He just recently returned to South Florida and was able to catch up with him and get his thoughts on his visit to Athens.

"It was pretty good really. I'd give it a 9 and a half," Geno Atkins said.

Atkins recounts the visit and some of the activities he participated in.

"I made it there around 3:00pm Sunday and they took me to the Hotel. I got to meet the coaches and go to dinner. I went bowling with the guys, which was a lot of fun. I also got to tour the academic facilities and learn about the history of the school and the tradition at Georgia."

Academics was a heavy theme of the visit and Geno was impressed by what he saw.

"I really liked how they set up the academic stuff. They get the players up early and go to study hall every day. It gets you prepared for everything you may have that day including tests or exams. They also offer a study hall after practice if you need extra help or extra time with class work."

One of the biggest recruits the Bulldogs have pulled out of Florida in the Mark Richt era was Jeff Owens so it's no surprise that they set him up with Geno to be a host on his visit.

"He was pretty cool. I got to know him and he told me a lot about how he became freshman All-American by working hard. He told me Georgia was a second home and he doesn't regret making that choice to go there."

Before leaving, Coach Richt had the customary talk with Atkins.

"Coach Richt just told me how they won the SEC Championship this year and how they plan to do it next year and they need a few more guys since they're losing some players to the NFL. It was a good conversation."

How does he feel he fits in on the defensive end depth chart?

"I fit in pretty good. They have 2 or 3 guys leaving. Two will be seniors next year and that leaves just a lot of freshman after that."

Atkins said his Auburn visit was very comparable to his Georgia one.

"I'd say they were very similar but Georgia has a bigger campus. I feel comfortable at both places."

A decision could likely be coming in just about a week's time and Geno will have a tough choice.

"I'm going to Michigan State on Friday and I'll probably be ready to make a decision after that. It's going to come down to how I see myself living in that environment and how I feel comfort wise."

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