Big Time Junior Names Favorite

When you talk about top juniors in the state of Georgia, one name that repeatedly surfaces is Allen Bailey from McIntosh County Academy. At 6'4 245lbs, he plays LB and FB for his high school team but will move to DE on the next level. The Coastal GA star already has schools knocking down his door but one sticks out above the rest at the current time.

"I like Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Clemson and Tennessee. Georgia is kind of the favorite right now," Allen Bailey said.

Why are the Dawgs on top for this highly sought after junior?

"It's close to home really. The stadium is really big and pretty nice. I've been there three times already. I camped there and I liked it a lot."

That very camp last summer saw Bailey stand out above almost everyone in attendance. It served to supplant him at the top of everyone's recruiting radar, including the Bulldogs who are already heavily involved with him.

"All the coaches seem down to earth and are easy going. Coach Smart recruits me and he's a really good guy. He came to my basketball practice last Monday and he's supposed to be coming to a game this week."

The Dawgs have had luck in recent years locking up big time in-state players early in the process such as Brandon Wood, Charles Johnson, Justin Anderson and A.J. Bryant. With UGA already out in front for Bailey, one suspect's he could very well be the next.

"Me committing early could be a possibility. I think it will be at least through the summer though."

Allen calls Georgia's Sappelo Island his home but the island is only accessible by a ferry that leaves the dock at 5:30pm sharp each day. Since Bailey's athletic practices usually do not conclude until after that time, it means he's often forced to stay with friends on the mainland for the majority of the season.

"I've done that for 5 years now. I go home maybe once or twice a week and stay with a friend or something the rest of the time. That only lasts from when school starts until about February and then I take the rest of the season off though. I've been doing that for a while so I'm kind of used to it."

His father has actually captained the ferry for the past 25+ years and Allen says he would love to stay with him more often. With that out of the realm of possibility however, the MCA star has tried to cope with the effects of staying with others the best he can.

"It kind of gets annoying sometimes. It can be tiresome living with other people and not being able to be home and be quiet and get some rest. You don't get that a lot away from home."

Allen is a very laid back guy off the playing field and his favorite past time on the island happens to be fishing.

"I like to go fishing off the dock or in the marsh. That's my favorite thing to do. I love to fish for trout or bass but I haven't got to do that as much lately."

You can bet recruiters across the country will be fishing for his signature come signing day, 2007. will follow Allen in depth all year long with interviews and videos but you can get an early look at just how good of a prospect he is in this presentation from ScoutTV.

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