Jones about to commit?

ATHENS – Reshad Jones spoke with Dean Legge about his upcoming official visit to Georgia.

Dean Legge: Tell me about what's going on with you; are you going to visit Athens this weekend?

Reshad Jones: I will be in Athens this weekend.

How was your trip to LSU?

It was good.

Did it seem like something you would be interested in?

Yeah, but really and truly Georgia is still my leader right now.

What will it take for you to commit to Georgia? Do you just want to see what's is like up there? Or…

Yeah. I want to see what its like.

Do you think it's likely that you will commit there, or are you still thinking about Miami and LSU as well?

It's more than likely that I will (commit to Georgia), but I am still continuing to weigh my options.

Have you talked with Greg Blue?

A couple of times; He said that he had great fun down there and that the fans are unbelievable.

Where you trying to figure out if you were wanted to visit this weekend or not?


When did you decide that you were going to visit?

Last week or two weeks ago.

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