Greene's Super Sunday

ATHENS – David Greene spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about his trip to the Super Bowl.

Dean Legge: Tell me about how things have been going for you…

David Greene: It's been awesome out here – I have had a blast. My fiancé Verne is out here, too, and we are getting married in July. We are having a blast. I've got a lot of really great teammates out here – a lot of good guys. It's been a lot of fun making it as far as we have; its unbelievable.

Did you think you would get to the Super Bowl your first year?

I think its something you always hope for, but you know… there was a slim chance. It's a one-in-32 chance. There's really no way to predict it. Your team really has to come together. It was not like this early on – we started out 2-2, and no one had a clue what was in store for us. We just started clicking. Guys got hurt; guys started stepping up for them. The next thing you know we were 12-1 the next 13 games or so. We got it rolling and we have not looked back.

What have you learned this year – you been able to take it all in… what have you been able to see from you perspective?

We have guys on our team that are true professionals. What you see out there Sunday, it's not like these guys take the week off. When we come to work we hit it – we hit it hard. That's the thing I have been so impressed about, our practices are unbelievable. In a typical practice the number one unit might drop one ball the whole practice. That's pretty amazing. They come there and they really concentrate. A lot of guys laugh and stuff like that, but when its time to get it done they get it done.

Was it hard at first to make the transition to the NFL?

It's so hard. One, your reps are few and far between. Your number one quarterback takes all of the snaps in the pros. Two, when you are a quarterback and you are not comfortable you're not even close to reaching your potential. A quarterback can only really be great when he is comfortable and everything is second nature. Coming into this offense, it takes a while I am still learning, it takes years to know it the way Hasselback has it right now. I am going great. I am so much better than I was in August when I didn't even understand the protection – I couldn't even call a play in the huddle.

Was it overwhelming?

Yeah, it was overwhelming, and the coaches know it is, but the have to get it all in during the week. They have to get the package in. There are only so many rookies out there, but you have to get the team ready for the season. It's not all about us, they have to get the team ready and just drag us along. Just look at Alex Smith… I am running a similar type of offense, and it's totally different than anything we have ever run. Most of our stuff at Georgia, everything had a different rhythm to it. Everything is thrown on rhythm. On your sixth step you are going to the next progression, bla, bla, bla. It's very different.

Did you being left handed complicate matters?


What are you expecting from Super Bowl week?

It is the pinnacle. This is as high as it gets. You work your whole career to play in this game. It will be a great learning experience, but at the same time I have to prepare. You never know what's going to happen.

What happens if you do get thrown into the mix?

The thing is that I take the mental reps. The only person that takes reps is the starting quarterback. That's the way we do thing in the pros. I have to do a great job of studying the game plan. Its hard harder, trust me, to understand concepts when you are not actually doing it. If I were to get into the game I would be running plays that I have not run in ten months. I have been running the scout team each month, but that's what we get paid to do. I think they would modify the game plan, too. It would be simplified football, kind of like what Coach Richt did my first year at Georgia. Football 101.

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