Evans gets ready for Spring Ball

ATHENS – Bryan Evans spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's upcoming spring practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me about what you hope to get out of spring practices?

Bryan Evans: This spring I am hoping to improve my ability on the field. I want to show my coach that I can play. I really just want to learn and then use it on the field.

Have you talked with anyone about what spring practice is like? It seems like it is an ultra-competitive thing…

I talk with DeMario Minter about how the last couple of practices we had during the bowl practices in Athens is what spring practice is like. I liked the practices in Athens. I think we really got after it. We really competed. DeMario said it was like that, but probably a level or so higher.

You've got Paul Oliver on one side and probably Thomas Flowers on the other; how do you beat those guys out, or at least get playing time lined up for yourself?

You have to look at someone's weakness and try to do better. For instance, Thomas Flowers isn't as fast as the rest of the corners, but he has better technique. That's what makes him stand out. I think if I get my technique down with my speed I can probably beat him out during the spring.

Do you think you will be on his side during the spring?

Right now I think I will be on the wide side. I can play short side – I have played it before – but I think I will be playing wide side this spring.

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