Ely-Kelso talks this and that

ATHENS – Gordon Ely-Kelso spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's upcoming spring practices and a punter's thoughts during a punt return.

Dean Legge: What does a kicker do during spring ball?

Gordon Ely-Kelso: Workout and running-wise we do everything that everyone else does.

Off the subject a bit – What does a punter think about when a punt returner is running right at him?

I am usually thinking "please tackle him before he gets to me". I am pretty lazy – I'll trot up there, and if I see him break a couple of tackles I will get ready, but I don't want to tackle anyone (laughing).

Thomas (Flowers) put a stiff arm on the Tennessee punter didn't he?

We always love to see that! The kickers, we always love to see another kicker get hit.


Even in practice if one of us gets hit we always have a good laugh. It's a friendly rivalry between the specialists.

What is it like for you growing up in the same place you go to college?

It's kind of strange.

You don't live at home do you?


Growing up and going to school in Athens is totally different. It's a totally different world. I came in and had 100 new guys on the team that I got to know, so that was my outlet. My best friends are the guys I have met in college.

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