Blue talks NFL

ATHENS – Greg Blue spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about his time at Georgia and his future in the NFL.

Dean Legge: How do you think Georgia fans will remember you?

Greg Blue: I think they will remember me as a hard-working guy who got my degree. I think they will remember that I gave it all I could on the field.

Thinking back to when you first got to Georgia, was it disappointing when they made you shave your hair?

Yes. It got a little long and they tricked me into cutting my hair. They told me I had to cut it, and then when I did they told me that I didn't have to cut it all off. It was a good trick. My hair was longer this past summer and they made me cut a few inches off, and that made me mad; but it's a team sport and I had to do it for the team.

What about the transition from college to the NFL – has anyone talked with you about that at all?

Not really, but watching my friends and how they took it, it seems difficult. It's a business. For me, I think the NFL will be a good thing because I don't have to worry about school anymore. You can spend your eight hours on football, and that can be your concentration. In college, you have to concentrate on school and football.

What made the 2005 season a SEC Championship season for Georgia?

I think it was the first game; it had to be. Everyone was down on us in that first game. I think a lot of people were waiting to see how we were going to perform. They wanted to see how the defense would perform without David Pollack, Thomas Davis and Odell Thurman. How would D.J. perform now that Greene was gone? We proved that we could do it without them. We had great players backing them up.

Was it also about proving to yourselves that you could do it?

I knew we could do it.

Do you think that there were some guys on the team (who doubted) though? There are 85 guys on the team after all…

No. No. No. I had no doubt that everyone knew we could win all the way. It was everyone else that does not know us; everyone outside of our family. We proved to the world; we already knew what we had coming back. I knew we had a lot of experienced guys who backed up the players that left. It's not like we were rookies stepping in. Most of the guys that came and stepped in, Quintin Moses, backed up Pollack.

How will they replaced three quality guys in the secondary? You can say what you want about guys playing a lot, but you are an All-American, and Jennings and Minter are going to go relatively high in the NFL Draft. There is a void there, is there not?

You know we have a couple of guys with experience: Kelin is coming in, and Paul Oliver is coming in at cornerback. At the other cornerback spot--we have some guys going in there without a lot of experience. This spring they are just going to have to work hard at it. Right now I know that people are going to be interesting in who is replacing us. Three seniors are leaving, but I have confidence in those guys. They can play right now.

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