Cheese looking forward to Spring Ball

ATHENS – Chester Adams spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's upcoming spring practices.

Dean Legge: Did you try to use the Sugar Bowl practices as a springboard to spring ball?

Chester Adams: I kind of used it to get ready for the spring and the upcoming season. I am trying to compete and be on the first string.

What do you work on during that time?

My get-off and not stopping my feet once I make contact. I'm also working on pass protection and being patient with it.

Has it hit you yet that you will be a junior?

To some extent it has. I wouldn't think about it now, but I'm in my third year now.

What have you learned from Max Jean-Gilles in the two years you were with him?

Not to cramp up during camp! He's taught me a lot of things, mainly to be more patient. All of those guys really taught me a lot. They embraced me even though I was from out of state. They really showed me love.

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