Berry talks Dawgs

ATHENS – Creekside junior cornerback Eric Berry discussed his Junior Day trip to Athens with Dean Legge.

Dean Legge: How was your trip to Athens this weekend?

Eric Berry: Pretty good.

What did y'all do?

I talked with Coach Richt and he talked about what he expected. He was telling me about his contract and how he's got an eight-year extension. That was my second time talking with Coach Richt – it was the first time that he told me about his contract, and he told me that he planned on staying.

Did that make you feel that Georgia is secure with him?


Was that something you were concerned about?

Yes, I thought he was going to probably end up going back to Florida State when Bobby Bowden retires.

Do you think that you are going to play quarterback in college?

It depends on the school I go to. At a place like Texas I would love to play quarterback because they let the quarterback do whatever he wants to.

What do you think you would play at Georgia?

Mainly cornerback and then Coach Richt said that he would probably ease me in on offense once I learn the system.

What schools have offered so far for you?

Miami, Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Ohio State and Tennessee.

Is there a group of those that are your favorites so far?

Miami, Georgia Tech, Georgia and Ohio State.

Where do you think you will end up camping this summer?

I know I am going to Georgia. Other than that I am not really sure right now…

How many juniors where up there this week?

About 50.


They said they brought the top players in Georgia and the surrounding area in.

Did you talk with any of the players?

I talked with Caleb King.

What did he have to say?

He was just saying that he does not know where he is going, but that he likes Georgia – but that he's not sure.

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