Scott lists Dawgs, Irish, Badgers and others

North Chicago junior defensive tackle Darius Scott discussed recruiting with Dean Legge.

Dean Legge: What do you see yourself playing in college?

Darius Scott: Probably defensive line – tackle.

What makes you interested in Georgia?

I like Georgia because they are a power team. They are really hard hitters. I like the way they play.

Have you talked with any of the coaches down there yet?


Would you like to play in the SEC – is that something that you want to do?


You also mentioned to me that Notre Dame and Wisconsin are after you pretty hard.

That's right.

You've told me that you've not gotten a letter yet from Georgia…

Right, I don't think they recruit Illinois very hard…

What would your reaction be to getting a letter from them?

I would be all over it.

Are you saying that they are your top school?


What are you going to be doing this summer to get ready for the fall?

Hit the weight room real hard to get my endurance up.

You've said Georgia, Notre Dame and Wisconsin – who are some of the other schools you are interested in?

LSU and Texas.

Tell me a little about each school.

Georgia, LSU and Texas are in the South and they win. Notre Dame, I like their coach – Charlie Weiss.

It's hard not to like him. Wisconsin, they are changing coaches…

I don't know who they are going to have next year.

Are you going to be camping in the summer?


Are you going to try to get to Athens?


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