Oliver talks about spring football

ATHENS – Paul Oliver spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's upcoming spring practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me about the role you are going to have to play this spring. There are going to be expectations of you starting…

Paul Oliver: I have to be a leader. I'll be one of the most experienced players. After some of us, everyone is very young. I am going to have to be a leader.

How do you replace guys like Tim and DeMario? What happens in the spring where you start picking up their leader ship role? Does it just immediately click in?

Not click in, but I guess you have to lead by more of an example. You have to work hard and show the young players how to work. You're not just telling and yelling at them. Tim and DeMario would show us. I think we have to do the same thing with this young group of guys.

Are there physical goals for you? Do you want to add or cut weight?

I always want to get in better shape.

How so?

I want to get stronger, faster, improve my vertical – all of that stuff.

What's you favorite part about mat drills?

The last day.

If you were to handicap the safties – who is coming in for Blue. If Paul Oliver had his choice – who is the favorite to come in at safety.

I think the competition is going to go into the fall camp.

What about opposite of you at the other cornerback?

Probably Thomas Flowers.

How do you think it will be for him handling both punt return and playing a lot more?

I don't think it will be that big of a deal. He won't be the first to do it.

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