Curran talks Dawgs, Tigers and Jackets

Brookwood Junior linebacker Rennie Curran discussed recruiting with Dean Legge.

Dean Legge: I was just calling to check in and see how things are going as far as recruiting is concerned. Can you update me on that?

Rennie Curran: It's going great. I am getting a lot of letters from a lot of schools like Auburn, Florida, Alabama, Boston College and Duke. There are a lot of them.

Kind of update me on who has given you offers so far…

Georgia Tech and Mississippi State – with State being the first one to offer.

Does the fact that those two schools got in there early help their chances?

I don't like to say, but I do think it helps me looking at things and visiting and stuff.

Because I cover Georgia, tell me a little bit about what you are feeling about them. Are you interested in them at all?

Georgia? Yes, they have been my dream school since I was little. Right now, I am think that they are looking at size and all that. I have not really gotten that much from them. I have been on their website. I just got a letter last week and that was the first one. Maybe it's because of my size, maybe it's because of this… they are one of my favorites.

Have you talked with any of the coaches up there at all?

I've talked with Coach Bobo, and gone to the combines and stuff.

Are you going to be camping anywhere this summer – what do you think?

I want to go to the Georgia camp, actually.

Have they invited you?

No, not yet.

Are there any other schools you may go (to camp)?

Auburn, most likely.

So you say that Georgia is your dream school, but you have mentioned Auburn a couple of times… does that mean that they are relatively high up there as well? Or is it Georgia, and then everyone else… or?

Auburn is high up there, too. Georgia Tech, too. I don't want to go to far from home…

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