Tereshinski to depend on experience

ATHENS – It doesn't bother Joe Tereshinski III that he's the forgotten man in Georgia's upcoming quarterback derby.

Or, at least, it bothers him in a good way.

"When guys first come in, they tend to get a lot of attention," said Tereshinski, a rising senior and the only Bulldog to have thrown more than three collegiate passes. "It provides excitement and provides another way to motivate yourself."

Joe Tereshinski will be Georgia's No. 1 quarterback when the Bulldogs open spring practice on Saturday by virtue of his experience. He completed 25 of 49 passes for 371 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions last year, and he started the Florida game due to D.J. Shockley's knee injury.

"There's no doubt Joe T is the No. 1 guy going in," Coach Mark Richt said. "He's got a lot of things going for him."

Still, when the competition begins, most of the talk is going to be about the new guys, Blake Barnes, last year's No. 3 quarterback; Joe Cox, who redshirted last season, and, of course, Matthew Stafford, the incoming freshman who was considered one of the nation's best prep quarterbacks last year.

"They all have a great work ethic," Tereshinski said of his competition. "They all strive for excellence, and they do a good job of getting after it in general."

The one area where they can't match Tereshinski is experience, and he plans to exploit that advantage to the fullest in Georgia's 15 spring workouts.

"I feel like I know the system the best," he said. "I can run all the plays effectively. I have a good grasp of timing with all the other players."

Although Tereshinski is the honorary frontrunner, Georgia will be as equitable as it can with snaps and playing time at least in the beginning of spring drills, Richt said.

"We want to keep a completely open mind," he said. "We want to be as fair as we can to give everybody the opportunity to show what they can do. I really am sincere when I say it's wide open. Any one of the four gentlemen could win the job. We're going to be as fair as we can with reps and then just watch." Richt doesn't expect to name a starter this spring.

"I'm almost certain it's going to roll right into (fall) camp as far as trying to narrow it down a little bit," Richt said.

Tereshinski just wants to be where he is now after the April 8 G-Day game, which will be played at 12 p.m. and will be the final workout of spring practice.

"There's so much that can happen during spring," he said. "The position is always open. I do feel like I have a step going into spring, but it's not a giant step by any means, and I'm going to have to play my best to earn the job."

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