Gant says younger DL Dawgs coming along

ATHENS – Ray Gant spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's spring practices.

Dean Legge: Tell me about the first day of spring practice?

Ray Gant: The first day was good. Jeff Owens looks good – I think we all look pretty good. Kade Weston looks a lot better.

What do you mean by that with Kade?

Last year he started off and didn't get too many reps. It seems his athletic ability – after mat drills and lifting and stuff like that – he is more athletic now. I don't know how it changed that quickly, but you can see a big difference in the way he moves and how fast he is. There is a big difference.

What about the rest of the line… does it seem like y'all are getting ready to replace the three guys that just left?

We are going to have to do a little bit more. It was a day without pads. The leadership was good, so we'll put the pads on soon and get into the grind of things. I think that's when its going to come together more. We are going to need to rely on each other more than we did during the first practice.

How do you go forward with the leadership aspect of the whole thing? You have played a lot of games now…

You just have to follow in the footsteps of Kedric and Gerald. That's the best way that I can explain it. I don't do anything that they didn't do last year or the year before. You just try to keep that going. I don't do anymore yelling or screaming, or anything like that. I tell the young guys what Kedric and Gerald told me and keep moving. Hopefully Kade and Jeff and Ricardo do the same thing when they get older.

Everyone around here seems to be growing their hair out – are they trying to be like you?

They are trying, but they don't have me. Coach, I am sure, is going to make me cut it.

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