Ware: I am happy at Georgia

ATHENS – Danny Ware spoke with Dean Legge for a short time about Georgia's spring practices.

Dean Legge: Can you talk about your first practice a little bit?

Danny Ware: I felt pretty light on my feet. I felt pretty good.

You say you felt light on your feet – are you lighter?

I don't know – I've not gotten on the scale in a while. I just felt lighter and faster; I felt looser and that I was moving around pretty good. We look good as a unit, the running backs, the quarterbacks and the whole offense. I think we are in good shape. I just think we had a couple of drops and fumbles – stuff like that, but we are trying to get back into it.

What's it like getting back out here after some time off…

You have to get used to the practice schedule and the rhythm of work. We are going to be out here busting heads pretty soon, and its going to get kind of hard on us, but we just have to stay focused, and get our minds back into it. We have to get our keys, our reads and our footwork right. We just have to get back to game time.

People have discussed, and these seem to be rumors, that you are unhappy…

No. If I were unhappy I would have said something about it or I would have told some folks or something. But I have just been myself; I am playing for the team; I am committed to Georgia; I am 100% Georgia.

When I watch you out there it seems like that's the case. You seem very energetic about practice. Do you think it would be different if you were not happy?

Yeah. I would probably loaf around a lot. I probably would not care if I messed up, or if the coaches were hollering at me. All of that little bitty stuff right there gets to me – it touches me because I know that I want to be out here to help my teammates. I am here for a reason.

How do you win back the starting job? I know that its six months before the first game…

You have to go out there every day and work hard and do the best you can. You have to work harder than the next person. You have to be fully focused. You have to do everything – you pretty much have to be perfect. You can not slip up in any kind of way because we are all battling for that same position.

The quarterbacks?


Everyone has been asking about Matthew Stafford

Everyone has been… that's the word, but we have to stay focused on what we need to do every day. They have to go out there and compete for the same job, but they are on the same team. Whoever works the hardest is going to get the job.

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